Financial Literacy Month – Tip #25


Where focus goes….energy flows!

Craft a vision board with all of your financial, personal, and professional goals. A vision board can be made using a poster board, cork board, large frame or crafted using wood and chicken wire (chicken wire allows you to clip goals and remove easily). It can be as elaborate or as simple as your crafty heart desires.

Whichever style you choose, simply write each goal, pin each to the board and add visuals. For example, let’s say that your goal is to reduce debt. Print a thermometer, at the top note the amount of debt you want to reduce and the date you want to achieve the goal. Each month mark your progress on the thermometer. You can also use a thermometer to increase savings, fund college or camps for kids, or save for a home or vacation. If you need a thermometer, PM me and I will send you a printable copy.

If goals include a healthier lifestyle, buying a home, going on vacation, or a new car, add visuals for each. Search the web and print a photo of your dream home, vacation, car or fitness image.

Creating a vision board allows you to visually remain focused on your goals and measure results along the way. Happy crafting!

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