Keynote Speaker for VMBA

It was an honor and a privilege to be the Keynote Speaker for the VMBA Online Mortgage Summit. Incredibly grateful for the opportunity to help loan originators and management teams understand the four essential pillars of Building a Balanced Life and to provide the tools and tips necessary to maintain balance during these extremely unstable times.

For the last year, employees in every industry are experiencing a plethora of emotions that have led to burnout and instability. Understanding how each of the four pillars impacts one’s life and what it takes to balance your platform increases performance to thrive both personally and professionally.

Balance is an essential part of a wellness package for all industries. If your organization is committed to helping employees live a more balanced life, both personally and professionally, click the “speaking” tab above receive more details and to inquire about available speaking dates.

A company’s investment in employee wellness pays dividends in long-term organizational growth. When employees are thriving, your organization is thriving!