Implementing Financial Wellness in the Workplace

  • Studies show that financial stress and workplace performance are linked
  •  Revolving debt hit an all-time high of $1.023 trillion
  • Student loan debt is in excess of $1.5 trillion

Studies show that the number one reason employees miss work is due to financial stress at home. Financial stress results in an increase in absenteeism, poor performance, and increased health issues. Corporations spend billions on helping employees improve their performance by offering professional development and self-improvement classes that range from mindfulness to healthy eating habits and exercise. However, the missing piece is a workshop on Financial Wellness / Debt Management.

If employees are not financially secure and able to manage their money, they can’t fully experience and implement the practices of professional development courses and perform at their best levels during business hours.

By investing in a Financial Wellness program for employees, a Corporation will help employees develop a healthier financial lifestyle which will result in the reduction of stress-related absences, improved work performance, and a stronger commitment to the corporation.

Jodee’s approachable, lighthearted, and easy to follow presentation style eliminates the heavy burden of learning money management and breaks it down into an easy step-by-step process. Corporate programs:

  • Onsite Financial Wellness Training includes:
    • Organizing Financial Documents
    • Budgeting, Trimming Expenses and Developing Savvy Spending Habits
    • Step-by-step Planning on Getting Out of Debt (Credit & Student Loan)
    • Financial Goal Setting
    • Workbook with worksheets
  • Remote One-on-One Coaching Program

    Invest in your employees, and they will invest back in you!

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