Financial Literacy Month – Tip #23

Tired of filling your recycling bin with junk mail each and every week? Here are five steps to reduce junk mail, credit card offers and the temptation to spend. – The credit bureaus offer a website or toll-free number that allows you to opt out of having credit card offers mailed to you. You can choose to be removed for 5 years or permanently. Visit or call allow you to opt out of 1-888-5-OPTOUT. – For a fee of $3, DMA (Direct Marketing Association) allows you to reduce the amount of commercial advertising mail that you receive at home for 10 years. – allows you to set mail preferences one catalog at a time. There is no cost for this service, just enter the name of the catalog and opt out.

Unsubscribe to email offers – take the time to unsubscribe from unwanted retail offers in your online inbox. – register your home and/or cell phone to reduce pesky phone offers.

Taking the time to unsubscribe and remove your name from the various lists will not only save you hours of sorting and trashing mail, it will also remove the temptation to open new accounts and shop for items you do not need.

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