Financial Literacy Month – Tip #14

Just like going to the Doctor, reviewing your credit annually is an essential part of your financial health. It is an opportunity to review payment history, dispute erroneous information reported by creditors, and detect any signs of identity theft. 

Federal law allows you to obtain one free copy per year. To receive a report from all three bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, Experian), visit: The website will allow you to either order one report per year or you can space it out and order one report from each bureau every four months. For example, January order Equifax, May order TransUnion, and September order Experian. Option one provides the complete credit history picture and is easy to calendar annually (best choice). 

Maintaining a good credit history is the key to obtaining a competitive interest rate on a mortgage loan, auto loan or credit card. Credit can also impact a job application or a property lease. Take a minute, hit the link, and get your free credit checkup today!

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