Financial Literacy Month – Tip #3

Whether you create a paper filing system or an electronic filing system, make a folder for each household bill, credit card / student loan statement, insurance policy, and all legal documents. Below is a list to help get all of your documents organized:

-Mortgage / Lease
-Utilites (cable, water, gas, electric, garbage, etc.)
-Property tax records
-Cellular phone
-Auto loan
-Home / Renters
Financial / Credit:
-Bank Statements
-Investment Account Statements
-Retirement Statements
-Student Loan Statements
Legal / Personal:
-Trust / Will / Power of Attorney
-Birth Certificate
-Social Security
Tax Records:
-Paystubs, W-2 Forms
-Tax Returns
-Receipts for tax deductions

Having an organized filing system allows you to easily access documents when needed (e.g., filing taxes, applying for a mortgage), fix budget leaks, and stay on track with your financial goals going forward.

Happy Filing!

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